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迪士摩是一家专业电子竞技游戏装备品牌;旗下拥有鼠标、键盘、耳机、赛车椅、 电竞桌等多个系列;秉承"最潮"的品牌概念,迪士摩支持原创、鼓励创新,并坚 持持用最优质的原材料,最in、最时尚、最有品味、最舒适的原创设计,让客户体 验到"最潮"的专业电竞外设装备。 潮流、时尚各式各样的物品是如今年轻群体的消费观,迪士摩作为国内网吧游戏外 设的知名品牌,多年来一直坚持研发生产符合市场需求的优质产品。迪士摩跟随潮 流时尚的脚步,研发的时尚炫酷的外设产品获得了网咖年轻用户的认可与喜爱,有 效的提高网咖的上座主率,吸引了广大用户的青睐与体验,提升盈利。


Company Profile

Dismo is a professional e-sports game equipment brand. The brand owns mouse, keyboard, earphones, racing chairs, e-sports tables and other series. Adhering to the brand concept of "the most fashionable", Dismo supports the original design, encourages innovation, and persists in the most in, the most fashionable, the most tasteful and the most comfortable original design with the highest quality raw materials, so that the customers can experience "the most fashionable" professional e-sports peripherals equipment. Fashionable and various goods are the consumption view of young people nowadays. As a well-known brand of game peripherals in domestic Internet cafes, Dismo has been developing and producing high-quality products in line with the market demand for many years. Dismo follows the trend of fashion. The developed fashionable and cool peripheral products have been recognized and loved by young users of the Internet cafes to effectively improve the seat occupancy rate of the Internet cafe, attract the favor and experience of the majority of users, and enhance the profit.


随着电子竞技不断提升商业价值,以及业内的不断推崇。2008年,国家体育总局将电子竞技该批为第78个正式体育竞技赛 事。电子竞技运动就是利用电子设备作为运动器械进行的、人与人之间的智力对抗运动。通过运动,可以锻炼和提高参与者 的思维能力、反应能力、心眼四肢协调能力和意志力,培养团队精神。


Industry Background

As e-sports continuously improves commercial value, and the industry is continuously promoted, in 2018, General Administration of Sport of China designated e-sports as the 78th official sports competition event. E-sports is a kind of intellectual antagonistic sport between people and with electronic equipment as sports equipment. Through sports, e-sports can exercise and improve participants' thinking ability, reaction ability, mind-eye, limb coordination ability and willpower, and cultivate team spirit.

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